Suits & Tuxedos


Ken's brings Dallas an array of suits for men. Smaller Italian makers like Pal Zileri and Corneliani who have rich histories with garment making. Samuelsohn, Coppley, and Jack Victor from Canada who dress some of Americas best dressed. Byron and Ken's private label for the gent just starting out but believes when you purchase a suit it should be one of quality with a great price point.


Ken's offers a blend of Tuxedos for Dallas men in all occasions. Whether going to the Crystal Charity Ball, a wedding, Fight Night, or a Casino event Ken's has your covered. From custom tuxedos to formal coats, full fashion formal ties or bow ties and cumberbuns. Ken's has the accessories to match.

Category Brands

Ken's Man's Shop carries the following Suits & Tuxedos brands.

  • Byron
  • Coppley
  • Jack Victor
  • Ken's
  • Pal Zileri
  • Samuelsohn