Haberdashery News – December 2022

Brand Launch Event

Saturday, December 10th

Your haberdashers are not yet ready for 2022 to be over! We have another big event for you to experience this Saturday, December 10th, from 10am to 5pm.

Ken’s Custom Denim

We’re proud to be launching Ken’s custom denim program! We started working on this at the beginning of the pandemic, and we are finally ready to show you the results. Ken’s has teamed up with an amazing factory in Italy to produce our newest custom collection, so you can finally have denim exactly the way you want it.

  • boom stitching
  • exterior seam stitching in any color
  • fraying effects
  • whiskering into the fabric to create a used effect
  • multiple types of stone wash
  • your personal leather label or monogram
  • fabrication from one of the top denim mills in the world

The possibilities are endless! Come in on Saturday and your haberdashers will help you create your perfect custom denim.

Introducing Our Newest Cashmere Collection

We’re excited to be adding Naadam cashmere to the Ken’s brand lineup! Naadam clothing is made from ethically-sourced, sustainable fabrics without the use of chemicals, plus the highest quality cashmere, created for your comfort and personal style.

Naadam sources its cashmere from the Zalaa Jinstwhite goat, the only entirely white breed of cashmere goat in Mongolia. Almost all cashmere sourced from Mongolia is organic, but not all cashmere is environmentally sustainable, and that matters a lot. Naadam has created the only cashmere yarn that is Cradle to Cradle certified, which evaluates and sets a high standard to protect the earth and basic human rights for how the product is made.

Cashmere goats live in extremely cold and harsh climates. To survive, they grow long, fine fibers to protect themselves. Shearing can be very stressful for goats, so even though it takes more time and effort to hand comb, Naadam’s herders use this traditional approach. Hand combing results in a better product and is the only way to acquire cruelty-free cashmere.

The harsh geography of the area means that only a very limited number of goats are combed by hand every spring. An average-sized sweater requires wool from approximately four adult goats. The longer fibers of hand combed goats lead to stronger cashmere, as well as less pilling. Persistent pilling occurs when lower quality manufacturers use short fibers. A Naadam cashmere sweater pills only once (think of it like shedding a layer of skin). Since the fibers they use are longer, it will never happen again after you clean the item of clothing.

Cashmere fibers are hollow. This means that the fiber is actually very good for blending with other materials. It instantly makes the material lighter and softer than it would be otherwise. Cashmere fibers are also six times finer than strands of human hair, making it extremely soft to the touch.

It’s important to care for cashmere clothing properly. Cashmere should never be put in the washing machine. We recommend baby shampoo, it works like a charm! Use lukewarm water, gently swirl your cashmere item, and let it soak for up to 30 minutes. To dry, lay the item flat on a bath towel and gently roll them up together, absorbing all the water in a cashmere sushi roll of sorts.

We’re extremely enthusiastic about Naadam cashmere, and we can’t wait for you to try it out yourself! Come into the shop to see and feel what you’ve been missing. We’re sure you’ll want to add this luxurious hand combed cashmere to your wardrobe right away.

Mother Earth Heals All

This is a photo of Carolina’s son, who had a scooter accident the day before Thanksgiving. She used Beauty by Apothecary’s Terra Balm on his skin. After applying it twice per day for five days, the powerful 100% organic formula had incredible results!

Suzanna of Beauty by Apothecary will be here this Saturday for our event, showing their locally made, organic skin care collection. They also have wonderful stocking stuffers for you this season!

Speaking of Stocking Stuffers…

The 2Undr dip kits are now in-store! These small bags hide a surprising amount of packing room for all of a man’s traveling needs.

There are separate compartments for almost everything! Please call and reserve yours now, while our supplies last.

The Cascading Fold by Ken’s

In our latest social media video, Kory demonstrates how to tie our Ken’s scarf into a cascading fold.

After watching the short tutorial, one of our clients sent us this photo of his results – well done, Marc!

Sundays with Ken’s

Your haberdashers will be here for a couple of Sundays this holiday season to make your shopping experience easier.

Ken’s will be open from 12–5pm on December 11th and 18th for your convenience.

Make your holiday season merry with wonderful gifts and free wrapping from Ken’s!

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team