Haberdashery News – Farewell 2021

Our iconic sign is working again!

It was the fastest year ever… and we were right there with you!

As we look back at 2021, we can all agree that it went by faster than any year ever! When pandemic restrictions began to lift, it felt like time was accelerating as Dallas experienced a surge of fresh energy. The people of this city not only got out, but got back to dressing with a more elevated feel, moving away from the lounginess of 2020.

From quick catch-ups to wardrobe overhauls, the moments that you spent with us were extremely meaningful to your family of haberdashers. We have helped you prepare for a return to travel, hybrid work life, family gatherings after a hiatus, and ceremonial events ranging from the joy of weddings to the sorrow of funerals. We have been there through all of these and it is our honor to assist you. 

Here is a montage of some of our favorite moments from 2021.

Ken before his first Covid shot in early 2021.

One of our family’s many, many Sunday sibling Zoom calls. We are sure everyone can relate. Across the country, we were all doing our part to slow the spread of Covid.

And then…BOOM! Things started rolling, especially weddings.

Did you know we can do weddings anywhere? Here we provided custom clothing for the groom and rentals for the groomsmen at a wedding in Michigan!

Our first annual charity bike ride – this one was on a brisk Sunday morning in April. Get ready, because we will be doing this again in 2022, but much, much bigger this year!

At the end of spring, the Caleb story brought everyone tears, hope, and joy. I am looking forward to adding another chapter to the tale this coming year – we are going to make a week of it!

Beautiful and elegant weddings were popping up every single weekend! This one was for a custom client in Austin.

I was able to attend a couple of trade shows in person! As Covid restrictions were lifting, the Dallas Market was one of the most attended in the country.

Magnanni is back at Ken’s! This is Pasquale, the second-generation owner.

Kramer joined the haberdashers at Ken’s in late summer. What a great addition to the team and family! If you haven’t had a chance to chat with him yet please do so. Incidentally, he loves concocting amazing libations…just saying.

Some new faces, as well as familiar faces in new roles.

From left to right: Michael from Manto, Rene from Brax, Suzanna and Christina from Beauty by Apothecary, and Brent from Manto. Each new event of the season was better and better as we all started to get out more and more.

As the season rolled on, some weddings were bigger than ever!

Other weddings were smaller and more intimate.

We do take time to go out and have fun…this time with our friend Mario from Live LIVE.

Ken and Kory. (Does anyone remember when Ken had the beard?)

Yes, another birthday in the books – our Ken celebrated 84 years this December! 

Finally, Carolina and I dropped off a multitude of books, stuffed animals, games, and toys to the staff at Children’s Health Hospital. Most important were the handmade blankets from Mrs. Diane for the children’s cancer wing! Such a special, amazing, and memorable day.

And that’s a wrap for 2021. If this year’s only job was to be better than 2020, I think we can say that was accomplished, and then some! 

From our family to yours, we wish you a peaceful, healthy, prosperous, and happy new year for 2022.

Kory, Carolina, John, Mark, and Kramer (haberdashers)

Sigi, Bihn, Freddie, and Armando (tailoring family)

Plus our Ken!