Love Is Blind Dallas – Today on Netflix

Love Is Blind DallasHave you been watching all the love, drama, and intrigue on Love is Blind Dallas? Episode 8 is now available, featuring your haberdashery, Ken’s Man’s Shop. Appropriately, the episode is called “The Perfect Fit”. 

My favorite measuring tape in hand, I was able to listen, chat, and measure the grooms from Love is Blind. The gents were definitely comfortable in the shop during the filming, which actually took place over two days, but one would never know it wasn’t shot in a single afternoon. One of the gents was a last-minute addition – which one? I will not give that up!

While I was taping and chalking each groom, the other grooms and their guests were on the other side of the shop playing billiards, drinking whisky, and living it up! They were a boisterous bunch, but they were fun to work with, and it was wonderful being able to assist them with their selections.

Cole is straightforward and honest with everything he does. It’s great when someone is decisive and can choose their wedding attire right away. Bartise was all heart, and very respectful. Matt is the guy that you want as your next-door neighbor: kind, considerate, and funny too! Brennon reminds me of my cousin, the type of gent that you can sit down with and chat away like you have known each other forever. He is just as genuine as he seems on the show.

It was a pleasure to spend time with the grooms, their families, and their friends while they were with us at Ken’s Man’s Shop. We are so excited that the day has finally come to watch the episode!

Please let us know your thoughts about this season of Love Is Blind Dallas, and about your Dallas haberdashery! 

All the best to these grooms and their brides – may they truly find that special love that lasts a lifetime. 

Kory Helfman

Ken’s Man’s Shop