Break the habit, and get results…everywhere you go

Gents, I have been doing this a long time and have seen many mistakes. The classic one is monotony in ones closet. Go ahead and buy another solid blue shirt, or another flat gray slack without any texture or design. Will you get comments or compliments on it? No. It will be another staple in the closet. Take a small step and pick out the slack that has a micro design, or a different pocket structure, or even a two way color mix. At least you are changing it up. When you do this to a shirt is when someone notices. But, don’t just grab that solid blue. Pick a variation of the color. Like lavender or teal (they are closest to blue for the men who just like to dip their toes in instead of jumping). This slight difference will make you stand out. Now imagine if you were able to add a bit of pattern, and slight subtle details to the design! There would be a rush of compliments that would make you realize this is the best advice to getting out of that closet boredom.

Another tidbit… There is a difference between a $60 shirt, and a $135, and even a $195. Try to always move upward as you age. The quality will last longer, and the feel and fit will amaze you.

~Kory Helfman, Haberdasher at Ken’s