Carry it On

You see the business travelers in the airport and on the planes. Not just in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area, but all around the world. These are the guys who know how to travel light, with versatility, and with panache. What is their secret to “carrying it on” for the quick exit and far to reach places? After speaking to quite a few of these gents, doing extensive research, and thinking back to my military school days – I have compiled a list to make it easier for all of us to have this luxury in life.

Do not over pack. Period.

Leave a little bit of room for the items that come back.

Shoes first. Shoes need to be on the bottom end of case. So when it is upright the shoes do not collapse everything else.

A belt can be rolled inside of a shoe.

Roll your jeans and casual bottoms next to shoes.

Tee shirts and shorts are to be rolled. Placed on top of shoes.

Place socks, briefs, and undershirts as flat as possible but next to tee shirts and shorts.

Fold your long sleeve shirts inside themselves. Cross the outside arms over to minimize wrinkles, and fold in thirds.

Jackets or suits always go on top.

Ties are on the top. Plus they sit on the exact opposite end of the shoes. (wrinkles are very difficult to remove from ties)

Toiletries in a side compartment.

The heaviest clothing item that needs to be packed should be worn on the plane. Ie.. boots, outerwear, denim shirts, corduroy, sweaters, etc…

Carry it on, get out fast, and enjoy your saved time even more.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop