Haberdashery News – February 2021


The 3/50 Project: How a small idea grew into a BIG project.

It is now more imperative than ever to assist small businesses in your community. Can you think of three favorite shops that you love to support? Now imagine they are not there anymore. Where would you go for your unique items, a long-term community relationship, or a business that supports you and your causes within the community?


How did The 3/50 Project begin? As many great things do… by accident.

In 2009, founder Cinda Baxter saw and felt the public backlash against rampant big-box consumerism, and decided to do something about it. Armed with a deep-seated desire to create a message that was positive and achievable, she wrote a pivotal blog post that gave birth to The 3/50 Project.

The following week, she threw together a free flyer that businesses could crank out of their desktop printers to hand to customers. Within 48 hours, more than 350 businesses wanted to get involved on a larger scale, so she built the 3/50 website. In the first seven days, more than 7,600 people found it (8,600+ if you count repeat visits).

Cinda’s goal has always been to “hand Superman capes to small business owners, then teach them to fly.” She’s a retail consultant whose mission is to strengthen independent brick and mortar businesses. She understands retail from the inside out, and is using that expertise to celebrate and support independent businesses.

This is what America and the world needs right now – more support to the small businesses that make up the communities in which we live. It is simple, really. Plan on spending $50 at three of your favorite businesses each month. By doing so, these businesses will survive the pandemic, and thrive later to give back more to support our small worlds.

Another way you can get involved is by using the #350proj hashtag whenever you post relevant photos or content on social media that you want to share with other fans of the project. Every bit of promotion helps!

What’s Happening at Ken’s?

Your haberdashers are paying close attention to every single conversation with our clientele. We are being inquisitive about 2021 business practices, home vs. work locations, the expectations of attire, and safety guidelines.

By having these conversations we are able to pivot accordingly within the shop on what to maintain within our merchandise selections. Here are some items of interest:

  • The 5-pocket trouser and denim (jeans) are still king for the time being.
  • We are seeing the stretch / Zoom trouser begin to climb quickly because of comfort and style.
  • Our Eton wall is picking up for the professionals who are able to go back to the office. This is mainly because they are wrinkle-free, and our selections have been updated from the extreme dress shirt to a softer, more sporty-looking shirt.
  • The new styles from Wolf & Shepherd have been on everyone’s buy list. These are laced slip-on shoes that are extremely lightweight, made of knit material, and give off a dress-sport look.
  • For those at home, we are continuing to see weekly reorders of our Ken’s Zoom 4-way stretch pant. Combine it with our comfy crew knit or hoodie from Toes on the Nose and you may never leave the house again!

The information we have right now is that the possibilities of reopening will increase as more employees are able to be vaccinated. As of now we are hearing about the C level and owners wanting to get to 40-50% by the end of May.

We also hear the frustration from those who frequently participate in Zoom meetings, that the attire must get better. Back at the beginning of lockdowns this was ignored, but now the standards have to keep rising in order for the results to be better each quarter. While suits are not expected in virtual meetings, a collared or button down shirt is still necessary.

We haberdashers know for a fact that every single time a gentleman “dresses better than he has to”, that people notice, confidence is built, and more trust is established.

Lastly, our clothing business this month has actually been great! Many men have taken the opportunity to shop our sale for that “ceremonial” suit or jacket that they will need at a later date. We may not need these items immediately, but it is smart to be prepared for when events and gatherings make their comeback.

Social / Text / Shopify / Safety

The Ken’s team has been busy finding ways to remain relevant in today’s virtual world. Our Shopify has been well received and shopped, especially in December 2020! Our social accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn have truly helped us get the word out about who we are, and what makes us a speciality retailer. The continual connection through text and email has allowed us to show new items and discuss pivots. We do all this to maintain our relationships, but also because of safety. Ken’s clientele spans multiple generations, and your health is our top priority. If there is anything else that we can do to assist you, please let us know.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kensmansshop

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KensMansShop

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/ken’s-man’s-shop

The Haberdasher Calendar

Keep an eye on our emails and texts coming in the next few months. We are preparing new launches and items, bringing in more of your requests, hosting custom events and trunk shows, plus finding fun ways to stay ahead of the curve.

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away!

Ken’s custom dress shirt week is coming in March!

Our Samuelsohn custom trunk show begins on April 1st! No joke!

How is Ken doing?

We hear this weekly from so many, I must write about it! My dad is actually doing very well. His sweet spirit continues to impress all who are able to be around him during Covid.

Ken and Jerri actually received their first vaccination shots last week! We asked Ken to quickly remove the mask to take the photo – our bad, but he is so cute!

Being at home hasn’t been easy for him. His motor functions have diminished due to lack of exercise, but this is now being remedied by a trainer coming over twice a week to help restore his flexibility and strength.

My dad, Ken, still has his wicked sense of humor, but now it is unfiltered! Can you imagine what comes out of that mouth? Even I turn red at times, but usually get much laughter from it all.

He sends his love to all, and of course his amazing hugs!

Love to all, 

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher