Haberdashery News – January 2022

What do I wear now?

This is the single biggest question we are hearing so far in 2022. The C-levels, V-levels, M’s, and even the entrepreneurs are all asking!  We’ve got the appropriate answers for everyone – it just takes a phone call, email, or text to get started on the right path!

Ken’s is here to assist you and get your closet and wardrobe into a position of success! This is the key phrase – “a position of success”.

Your wardrobe should be constructed according to these priorities:

  1. Your price range.
  2. Raising the bar for yourself and those around you.
  3. Setting yourself up for confidence every day.
  4. Turning your closet into a happy place full of outfits you love to wear.
  5. Having a range of outfits for every mood, occasion, and change in the weather.

The Ken’s haberdashers do this every season for so many of our clients, and it brings us much joy! It is your turn to transform your “everyday closet” into something much more. It doesn’t take as much as you think to bring more happiness, comfort, and compliments into your life.

Please reach out to us so we can show you how we implement small, incremental shifts to manifest huge steps towards your professional success.

The fall and winter markdowns have begun!

This year’s markdown season will be a bit different. Those who subscribe to our emails and follow us on social media will have special access to our markdowns. Many of these are not openly tagged, so please ask your haberdashers about the sales in each area around the shop, so we can get you the best price! We want to celebrate our loyal, local clientele as often as possible.

We will begin with a discount of 30–50% off many items! Please come peruse the shop to find those perfect pieces that will complement your wardrobe.

Our angel already did it again!

After our beloved Mrs. Diane had already gone above and beyond making handmade blankets for the children of Dallas, her husband flew back into town with forty more blankets! Each of these, like the ones before, were individually wrapped with her story inside, and then delivered to Children’s Health Hospital. These blankets are going exclusively to the children’s cancer wing.

Thank you, Mrs. Diane – it is an honor to be a messenger of joy and love on your behalf!

We have been through this before, and worse

If you were in the area, dropped by, or saw our social media this past weekend, then you saw that we had a break-in at Ken’s. Yes, we have had this happen before, and we have been through worse, like the tornado and Covid. The thieves took cash and some merchandise, which are things that can be replaced. In fact, we had a great retail day the same day it happened.

This is an inconvenience and disruption for me and my team, but Carolina and I now have a system in place to handle these kinds of situations. We know what to do, how to fix things quickly, chat with insurance, and keep moving forward. We have learned how to cope with issues that arise in business. The key is not to get stuck, stressed out, or discouraged by someone who wants to take your attention away from the big picture.

We are installing security cameras inside and out, plus some extra measures to keep peace of mind after hours.  These items will blend as seamlessly into the operation of the shop as your Ring doorbell does at your home.

We still feel blessed to be part of such a great community, and to have an amazing group of clientele that we love serving.

Covid, for what it is worth…

There’s no denying that this situation has impacted, frustrated, and changed our lives.

Ken’s will continue to be vigilant in the fight against the spread of Covid. We will continue to clean and scrub, wear masks when appropriate, and practice social distancing as necessary. Please let us know your comfort zone while in our “home” at Ken’s and we will comply. Your personal safety and the safety of your families is very important to us.

We are looking forward to working with you this 2022!
All the best,

Kory Helfman