Haberdashery News – May 2021

We Are Where We Are Supposed to Be

Last Wednesday evening…

We are all placed in the right spot at the right time for reasons we do not know. I am grateful I was able to be present for this moment in time. The above SUV is not mine, by the way.

I was on my way to see a friend for dinner. I was running earlier than expected, so I decided to stop and fill up my tank. I was at the Exxon on the corner of Greenville Ave and Mockingbird. As I was reaching in my pocket to get my wallet I heard a LOUD collision of metal on metal. I turned just in time to see an SUV flip over three times, finally landing on its side. I bolted towards the wreck. My only thought was to get the people out of the SUV before something either caught on fire or exploded.  When I got to the SUV I asked the driver if he was okay. He said yes, and he wanted to get out. He was stuck because his door was crushed. Another gent at the scene and I pulled the windshield back so the man could crawl out. He assured us that there was no one else inside. I assisted him to the grassy area nearby and had him sit.

He had lost his phone in the wreck, and his possessions were  strewn all over Mockingbird. Many people were milling too close and he needed some breathing room. I asked the lady who had pulled out in front of him to call 911, and then I asked the gathering onlookers to give him space. He said he was okay, but I really wasn’t sure about that. He looked like he just got sucker-punched, and I knew he needed to clear his head. I bent down and looked straight in the man’s eyes and asked him how he was feeling. He looked at me, and then with true shock on his face said, “you’re Ken! You’re Ken from the Man’s Shop!”

A little backstory: Three weeks ago John, Mark, and I were haberdashing our way through a busy Saturday. I was standing near the pool table when a young lady popped her head in and asked a little jokingly, “do you sell candles for men?” I said of course I do! So she and her boyfriend, whose name was Michael, came into the shop. A little Stanley Marcus wisdom here – never judge anyone who walks into your store by what they are wearing. The couple were casually dressed in younger fashion. Even though I had other clients at the time I wanted to make these young people feel at home. So as they looked around I told them the stories behind all of our candlemakers. They ended up choosing a candle from Activated Faith, and even chose an intention card.

Michael asked if he could continue to look around, and said I probably couldn’t fit his small frame. He was about 5’10” and 135 pounds, tall and skinny. I asked him about his vocation and how he wears his clothing. He mentioned he had just moved here from Louisiana. He had gotten an IT job directly out of college. I showed him a couple of brands, and he ended up with a Live LIVE long sleeve tee in size small. I also invited him and his girlfriend to our event that was coming up in two weeks. When we went to the desk he said something I wasn’t expecting: “My uncle owns a men’s clothing store in Louisiana that reminds me of your place.” He also thanked me for being kind and giving my time to them. His girlfriend then told me that she too is moving to Dallas. She had just been hired as an assistant manager at a bridal boutique in Highland Park Village. As I said… Mr. Marcus’s advice still rings true.

So back to the current situation on the grass. Michael looked at me and said, “you’re Ken! You’re Ken from the Man’s Shop!” I looked at him and said, “you missed my event!” He replied, “yes, I’m sorry, I was moving my girlfriend into her new house.”

Michael’s girlfriend picked him up from the Exxon. He walked away with only minor scratches, not even a concussion. I spoke with them both that evening, and over the weekend. He plans on dropping by soon, when he gets another vehicle.

Lesson learned? That we are each exactly where we are supposed to be at every moment.

Business Apparel Is Here Again, in New Ways!

Ken’s is having a three-day Eton promo starting on Thursday, May 13th. We will be promoting new styles and looks from the Spring 2021 collection, and offering 20% off custom dress shirts May 13th‑15th.

Our Eton wall has been moving at its fastest pace ever. Sometimes clients intend to pair the shirts with business suits and sport coats, but the majority have been walking out with ensembles of Eton shirts with stretch denim, or 5-pocket wool trousers paired with soft jackets, or shirt jackets. Eton is evolving their mix, and your closet will certainly enjoy the transformation.

The Ken’s $50 loyalty gift cards are still valid until May 22nd, for any Eton shirt in our inventory. 

Photo by Zach Albracht

A Bloody Mary Wedding Story

Ken’s loves it when we get to celebrate our longstanding relationships, and we love it even more when there is a wedding involved!

One of our client families is preparing for a large June wedding in California. We will be assisting all the groomsmen, and the men of every generation in the family. Some will be wearing selections off the rack, and the others will be in rentals.

The family requested to have Bloody Marys during the fitting event at Ken’s, and we enjoy creating the perfect atmosphere, so we had everything ready to go. I went to the back room where Mark had prepped the glasses, ice, and fixings, so all that needed to be done was adding the mix and vodka. I grabbed the large plastic bottle of mix and squeezed hard while shaking it vigorously. I didn’t know that the screw top was loose. Over half of the bottle erupted. Up, up, up into my beard, nose, eyes, and hair, and then down, down, down my entire three-piece custom suit, all the way to my cap-toe maple shoes. I turned around to see Mark standing there with his mouth agape. I looked like Carrie from the Stephen King movie. What to do?

Laugh, and then laugh some more! We have been through tornadoes and Covid, so what’s a little tomato juice? Actually it was a lot – it covered the walls, counters, microwave, and floor!

I took off my coat, vest, tie, and dress shirt, walked out in my undershirt and said, “we had a little mishap, but the drinks will be here soon!”

It actually ended up being a really good day, Bloody Mary and all.

Lessons learned…
Laughter, at times, assists oneself through a difficult situation in the present moment and overcoming it. Plus check your screw caps twice!