Knit Pick

We live in a world where we can choose our style. Style promotes our image, our image gives us confidence, and the confidence brings success. The current men’s style for the coming summer will once again be changing out the dress shirt and tie and in exchange for the polo knit. The biggest problem with this is that the polo knit men tend to choose is one from a favorite golf adventure or memory. This is not denoting success, but rather an image of not wanting to be at work and that you would rather on the course.

To address this, Ken’s has developed a polo for business. One that can be mixed with slacks, khakis, and denim. A knit polo that is utilitarian enough to go under a blazer or sport coat. A collared knit that is acceptable for you to wear in a business casual situation. Ken’s did this by partnering with a company who gives us the ability to choose the fabric, type of collar, placket, button, design, and we can even put a corporate logo anywhere on the shirt.

Our custom knits will also have “wicking” via a thin material underneath the inside layer that wicks away moisture from the body. Imagine going through another Dallas summer and not showing sweat stains on your belly, chest, or armpits! Another feature is the custom aspect. All knits are made on a pattern or template. The Ken’s knit program will be sized to your unique body height, girth, and shape. It will complement your best features and soften the ones you wish to not have highlighted.

My personal favorite part of this process is the choosing of the fabric and the small details. I love the “tech” fabric for its luxe feel on the skin, but I also am enjoying the lightweight vintage heather jersey fabric with its subtle design and softness. The best part is choosing an opposing color or fabric on the collar, the under placket, the inside neck band, or under the sleeve hem. This last one is great for when you get off work. Flip the hem up to show the underside fabric. Just like you do with a long sleeve shirt cuff.

The only limits to the new Ken’s knit program is the imagination. Make your appointment now in order to have the knit waiting for you when it is time to hang up the dress shirts for the summer.