Metamorphosis Takes Time

The goal of any aging business is to continue to be innovative, evolve, and remain current while maintaining the realm of its DNA. Ken’s loves the relationships with the multiple generations of clients and the new ones still discovering us. We have been listening.

Starting next week Ken’s will begin the process of investing in our future with a multi-phase remodel. During this process we will be making improvements to the entire Ken’s brand, including our store, logo, signage, and website. We will be OPEN the entire time throughout it all. The Ken’s team believes that we have partnered with the right companies to keep us “as clean and noise free” as possible while we embark on this journey.

We will begin on August 13th with the Royal Ln side of the store. The south side, inside entrance will have a “wall” separating the construction process from the magic inside. Our plan is to go from the outside in.

We will continue to provide updates through our various social media channels and occasionally through email. This transformation will take time and continue on and off for about a year.

Ken’s wants to evolve for you. We want to always attempt to be better in service, style, execution, and offerings. Please, at any time, let us know if there is anything amiss, forgotten, and not up to Ken’s standards.

We look forward to showing you what we see as the future of Ken’s haberdashery.

With much appreciation