Next of Ken, Father’s Day

Ken’s Man’s Shop is celebrating in multiple ways starting this Father’s Day. Both my father, Ken, and I relish the opportunity to speak with the generations when they join us in the shop. It can be a father / son, grandfather / grandson, or mixes of these. Over the last few years we have taken photos of these times. Starting this summer Ken’s will begin to not only “post” socially, but we will begin the process of placing generational photos in the “hall of frame”. We wish to celebrate the many families that grace Ken’s with the decades of loyalty.

It is especially fitting this season as Ken’s goes back to its roots. Our 2nd location in 1968 (the year I was born) housed Ken’s Man’s Shop, and it also had “Master Ken’s” which was our boys department. Considering the times and the succession of Ken’s it is only fitting that the new brand to our shop be named, “Next of Ken”. We will also begin the process of training the next generation in the art of “haberdashery”. Myself, John, and Carolina wish to continue our ways in dealing with the adults. The younger generation will get to form their Ken’s heritage with our Next of Ken. (high school to college students) Please drop by to see the offerings and assortments that will begin the next evolution of Ken’s.

We look forward to capturing the memories of more than 2 generations, but in many cases 3 generations of loyal clientele. Ken and I wish all the Fathers a most wonderful Day.

Hopefully a cherished wrapped Ken’s gift box will be with you as well.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop