Rebuilding in the Aftermath

We have been through this before. We have weathered financial crises, catastrophic global and domestic events, and natural disasters of all kinds. Our recent tornado and storm on 10/20, however, was a bit too close to home for Ken’s and the haberdashers.

Luckily, when the storm hit we were all with our friends at the Dallas Cowboys game, vs. the Philadelphia Eagles. We have seen our Cowboys with their backs against the wall, especially during the last three games. Even after successive setbacks, they have risen to the challenges before them.

We now use our Cowboys’ journey as inspiration. Dallas, and especially Preston Hollow and Preston Royal Village, will rise again. We will be back stronger and better than ever, and a lot sooner than most will believe.


We are Texans. We are Dallasites. We are a single root system that connects all our families and our community. Together we will assist each other to come back from this disaster. I believe in my city, our neighborhood, and my team at Ken’s.

It doesn’t matter whether we have electricity, wifi, water, or gas – Ken’s will still be sending out alteration orders by delivery. We will still be coming out to homes and offices to show swatches and provide services where needed. We will rise to this challenge like any other, and we are grateful to all those who are supporting us during this time.

Many thanks to Preston Hollow, Preston Royal Village, and the entire city of Dallas. We send our love, blessings, and prayers to all.

Kory Helfman
Ken’s Man’s Shop
Dallas Haberdasher