Serum Can Save Your Face and Your Life

When a man dips into conversation about skin care at the Ken’s it is always:
Shave cream or oil, and

Lotion or after shave.

What most men have not been told is the 3rd step which is actually in between 1 and 2. This is where we use the word “serum”. A serum is a multi layered agent filled with vitamins that are designed for a man’s facial needs. Anti aging, anti wrinkle, tightening of the pores, etc…

The serum is designed to be placed on the skin after either a “face wash”, or the shave. It goes on after because the skins pores are still open and inviting. The serum is developed the penetrate through a mans tough skin and beard follicles. It will sit under the epidermis layer doing its work. Once it is placed on the face a man can apply the true 3rd step. We live in Dallas, Texas so the answer for us is SPF moisturizing lotion. It doesn’t go through the pores because it is too thick, but lays on top of the skin protecting it from further damage.

Serums by the way do not stain shirt collars unless one is very liberal with the amount. A few drops is all that is needed. So, why wouldn’t you take a few seconds to add this important step to keeping that mug looking good for longer.

~Kory Helfman, Haberdasher at Ken’s