Spring Forward

It is this at time every year that the seasons begin their wonderful metamorphosis into elegance, balance, and color. Spring washes away the color of our winter season: the dark shades of browns, maroons (both of next fall’s hottest trend colors for men), charcoals, and black. We are reengaged in our mind and spirit with lavender, aqua, lighter blue tones, summer khaki, mists of green, and berry colors. These colors touch upon the man’s palette to create rejuvenation and imagination to an otherwise dull closet. The color assists us with moving off the bulk of the fall and winter items and leads us to leaner, cleaner, and less is more foundations. This gives us the balance to recreate from within.

Take some time to walk into your closet and really look at what you do not like. Take dislikes, unused, and items that no longer fit out and out. What is left are the items that speak to your story, personality, ambitions, and success. These are what you wear, and what you are known for professionally and personally. Next, ask yourself, “What items would you slightly alter to give this canvas in fresh breath of life?” A touch of new color in the dress shirt area? Instead of so much blue, maybe a soft mint color with texture, or a hint of pale pink to make that navy suit pop! What about adding new silk squares to every sports jacket? Do the suits really give the look that fits your current physical frame, mental picture or even position in life? They can. They should. Ken’s always tells our clients to purchase the “fit” that works with your frame. Fit the man and his place in society to not only stand out, but to obtain to new heights. Why not always continue to grow? It will travel farther with compliments and success than any that tired, old, ill-fitting suit in the closet.

The items that are removed are taken out for a reason. Your closet needs to feel younger again. Rejuvenate the energy again. Just like when you were starting your career and hungry. We have to find ways to reinvent the fire within. What you wear on a daily basis says everything about those feelings. That pile on the floor needs to go. It is tax season, so consider donating items that do not fit or you don’t wear. It is taking up space, and causing suffocation of your wardrobe. You will not miss it once it is gone. Letting go is a very cathartic. Spring forward into the new season of challenges, goals, and ambitions with your best foot, pant leg, and outfit possible. Showing the world your true colors is one of honesty, nobility, and strength.

Put together a few outfits from the items left in the closet. How long have you worn them? How many times have people seen the “same look”? Ken’s can easily alter just one or two things to bring renewal. Grab some more outfits, interchange them with others. Do the shoes and belts still work with everything? What about a soft jacket to mix with denim and slacks for all occasions? When is the last time you switched out the jeans, so you have not only different hues and colors, but different ways to fit the outfit and body? Do you have any new dressy tee shirts for late spring? Any date night polo shirts (ones not intended for a golf course)? There are many ways to spring forward. Just begin with one step, one item, and keep going.

Trust your haberdasher. It will change you for the better.

Kory Helfman, Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop