Why Word-of-Mouth Is So Important

Advertising is pretty much everywhere these days. It seems like you can’t avoid it, even when you’re just browsing the web or catching up with friends on social media. For independent haberdashers, however, referrals that come through word-of-mouth are the most valuable way to make new connections and develop relationships. Here’s why the referral system works so well on several levels – not just for us, but also for our clients and the people they refer to us.

Referrals help build others up and raise the bar for everyone. Who doesn’t want more well-dressed men in this world? Every man can have his own unique style, and if you’re enjoying the way your wardrobe makes you feel, then the next logical step is to pay it forward by letting someone else in on the secret. There’s no reason not to – It feels great to help others out, and it’s exciting to see the transformation as they take their own style to the next level. In addition, the personal connections that come from referrals create a true sense of community, which is essential when you’re dealing with something as individualized as your image.

Referrals foster a dynamic of trust. Like it or not, physical appearance is important in this world, so how you dress matters. Given that you’re investing so much into your wardrobe, you want to have full confidence in the decisions you’re making. When you refer someone to us, the message that sends to both parties is clear: you trust that we’ll guide them responsibly, and you know that we’ll make sure they look as good as they possibly can. That trust is important all around, and it’s something we value and take very seriously.

Referrals help everyone involved in a practical way. Whether it’s you, your friends and loved ones, or your haberdasher, each person involved in a referral benefits from the relationship. For us, a referral is the epitome of a compliment. It shows that our clients value and trust us to assist their extended family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, who all receive the same high standard of service, expertise, and follow-through. Referrals help grow our community, and ensure that we can keep providing you and everyone you know with the finest clothing available, for many years to come.

We frequently extend special offers for clients who send us referrals. For those who are already on our mailing list, the current referral card is good until the 20th of April, so you still have some time to take advantage and help a friend out in the process. If you’re not currently on our mailing list, get in touch if you would like to be notified about future offers.

Kory Helfman

Dallas Haberdasher

Ken’s Man’s Shop