Haberdashery News – February 2024

Appreciate Love

Let’s have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day! Your haberdashers brought in some extra-special gifts to get you in the right mood to enjoy Wednesday, February 14th.

Here are some of our favorites so far:

  • 2Undr Heart Briefs
  • Dead Soxy limited edition Dallas Pegasus socks
  • Pig & Hen Bracelets
  • Ken’s semi-custom belts
  • Eton dress shirts in new styles and colors
  • A gift certificate for a custom knit shirt, to spice up the polo wardrobe
  • A custom cologne experience
  • A MELT Mahogany Woods candle

Or you could opt for our newest blazer from Jack Victor, in blue textured lightweight stretch fabric, with a 2-button patch pocket design. This is the perfect coat to add with all the 5 pocket trousers.

Loyalty Markdowns

Our annual sale is happening now!

We have many selections throughout the shop that have been marked down anywhere from 35% to 70% off.

This will be our ongoing sale this year. Multiple items will continue to be priced exclusively for our loyal clients, even after we remove the yellow sale tags.

We wish to celebrate you and your years of loyalty to our haberdashery with these unmarked discounts. Come on in, your haberdashers will take care of you.

My Side of the Table: A Buyer’s Guide for 2024

Each season I prepare myself for traveling to markets for a fresh perspective.

Yes, I could always stick with the classics for our clientele, but that would mean your individual wardrobes would not evolve with today’s fashions and societal expectations. Nor would it be exciting to walk into your closets and pick a daily outfit. Dressing in 2024 should not be a challenge — it should be a fulfilling and renewing experience.

Men’s styles are continuing to evolve. We have gone as trim and as tight as possible in pants, shirts, and jackets. The designers went to extremes in the Fall 2024 season, showing wide-shouldered, yet non-padded jackets. Pleated, ballooned slacks paired with dress sneakers and oversized sweaters. What are we to make of this? The goal is to take certain aspects of the designer’s vision and create a mix that works for our clientele at Ken’s.

You will see jackets that have varying widths in the lapels, from 3⅜ inches to 4¼ inches. The silhouettes will be slightly fuller than previous seasons, but not a box fit. The main styles will still be 2-button fronts, but now you will also find soft 3-button jackets again, and even double-breasted blazers for next fall.

Slacks will mainly continue with plain-front pants and 5-pocket trousers. This season we are combining the two and offering a wool 5-pocket slack to mix with your spring sport coats.

For the fashion-forward, in our custom department, we will suggest adding a single pleat slack to the wardrobe, especially with a finished cuff.

Dress shirts will be paired with more cufflinks than before, with or without a tie. Neckwear will be getting up to a quarter-inch wider. Are we really ready for another 5-inch tie?

Dress shirts will stay fairly consistent, with more textures and patterns than before. Our favorite so far is the Eton with colored stripes and a white collar. This is perfect for the gent who wishes to wear it with a suit, blazer, fashion sport coat, or even a 5-pocket slack.

Our shoe department is focusing on comfort first, but also adding more dress shoes that can be worn daily with suits, slacks, and jeans.

We will still be bringing in fashion dress sneakers, but not mixing them with our dress wear like before. The hottest item is our late spring white dress sneaker by Magnanni, and the best-selling dress shoe is our textured brown Magnanni loafer. It pairs with everything!

Ken’s Gratitude

Thank you for everyone’s thoughts, prayers, memories, and love these past few weeks since the passing of my father, and our founder, Ken Helfman.

These have been very difficult weeks, but having such deep friendships over the decades, and an incredibly large, strong, and beautiful family assists in the healing process.

I am sending individual hugs to every single one of you. If you know me, really know me, then you know my hugs last.

My family and I are forever grateful for your support and love.

This was the photo that was taken after the service with my dad’s fedora still resting on the piano. We all feel his presence daily at the shop. Each day we speak his name and the chills continue to come back.

It is an honor for me to continue this amazing 60-year journey and legacy. Ken is looking over us all and hoping we are enjoying the time shared, clothing being worn, and stories being told.

Sending love,

– Kory Helfman