Haberdashery News – Father’s Day 2023


There are many terms for a male parent: father, dad, papa, padre, daddy, and so forth. One that is not used as much anymore is “patriarch”.

It does sound a bit odd to call our dads by this name, or more accurately, this title, but fathers are indeed the patriarchs of the family. In modern times this person either shares the role with another parent, or he may be a single dad. The term is not about “wearing the pants” as it were, but rather being present, consistent, loving, and committed. It involves not just taking time for the family here and there, but being an integral part of the family on a daily basis, adding value with leadership, conversation, memories, connection, and support for each family member in all ways.

How do we celebrate an individual who has given so much, and yet has all they need? Isn’t it the thought that matters? Yes, and that’s why choosing where to get something is just as important as what. Shopping locally, giving back to the local economy and community in a place where your father has connections, is much more meaningful and thoughtful than going online and buying something from Amazon.

Here are some ideas for this year’s gifts from Ken’s. We do of course have the usual shorts, polo shirts, ties, jackets, and other items if you prefer, but maybe this year Dad would enjoy something a little bit different!

Father’s Day Gifts from Ken’s

Semi-Custom Belts

We will give you a gift card and he can come choose a style, get fitted and walk out with his new, perfectly fitted belt that day!

Ken’s House Cologne

Our house cologne is a custom blend named after Kory’s Grandfather, Alfred. We can customize your gift with your Dad’s name!

2UNDR Boxer Briefs

The most comfortable underwear available. Dad will love these!

Organic Skincare

Choose any 3 products from Beauty by Apothecary and receive a FREE rose quartz crystal eye roller, a $30 value!

A Special Shared Experience

Surprise Dad with an experience this year — present him with a customized handwritten gift certificate, inviting him to come shopping with you after Father’s Day!

The Man, the Myth, the Legend…

I have had the honor of working beside my father, Ken, since 1993. Even though he is currently just down the street from the shop, it is not the same. Yes, when he was here there were many trying days with head-butting and my missteps. It is funny though that I cannot recall the details of any of those frustrations. They’re not important in the scheme of things.

The things I do remember about my dad working at the shop are his patience, selling ability, teachings, and especially his amazing humor and wit. He has always had a sharp and perfectly-timed one-liner for any situation.

He also has a knack for being comfortable around people of any age or background. At the shop Ken was able to relate to anyone and everyone, and always made them feel at home as they walked through the front door.

In business he sold without being sold to, and never knew the words “stop” or “no”. His favorite phrase was always “let me show you one more thing!” My dad had a story to go with every single brand, vendor, and item in the shop— from the background of the designer, to where the product was made, to the reason he chose a particular item for the shop.

The word “kind” comes to mind when I think of my father, but more importantly the words “caring”, “dedicated”, and “loyal” are right beside it. While this family retail business takes up the majority of our lives, it means more to me now than it did in the beginning. I now understand the hardships, the decisions that have to be made to keep it running, and the true time spent on the business, both in and out of the shop. It is not that we don’t want to be with our families, it is that we have a second family at the shop, and of course an extended family that includes you as well.

It is an honor to be Kory, son of Ken. It is also an honor to serve our family legacy in this way.

May everyone have a memorable time this weekend celebrating the patriarchs of your own families.

Sending and sharing love.

– Kory Helfman