Haberdashery News – Mid-August 2022

What a Buy!

The buying markets for the 2023 Spring season are done, and oh, what a buy it was! There were some really terrific finds for next year on shelves and under stacks, and even some for the upcoming holiday season!

Here are some of the faces behind the brands we carry.

Jeff from 2Undr! The selections for this season are amazing, but the ones for next spring will make you want to show your briefs to others! They’re whimsical, funny, OMLord briefs that will put some pep in your step!

Megin Spivey herself. This is one incredible, traveling, cultured, and intelligent woman. She went to four countries over two months to find her newest collections and inspirations for all of us to wear on our fingers, wrists, and lapels. Each piece has a beautiful, historical story as well!

Yes, you have seen him before – Mario of Live LIVE is also the representative of Fidelity Denim! Are you looking for jeans that can handle your boots, still have great stretch in them, and are stylish as well? Then look no further than Fidelity, available in both regular & slim fit.

We love our family of men from Italo Ferretti! This is Frederico. He and his brothers run the company that their father began. This little neckwear company from Silvi Marina in Italy has proven to be a big deal in the world of men’s clothing. The patented parts, exquisite fabrications, and beautiful designs of these ties make them our bestsellers every year!

We wanted to add exotic belts to our mix, but not “rack” items. Collin of Brooks and Hyde from Ohio made it happen for us! Our semi-custom exotic belts were one of our top sellers in the spring, so imagine what his company will do this fall! Starting in September we will have two custom boxes filled with his high quality belts, all made in America.

This is Terresa from Wood Underwear, now celebrating the tenth year of her company. There is a great article about her story, and how she came to be a woman in the business of men’s briefs. Incredible story, and an even better person! We love Wood undershirts, and she also has more designs of her quick-selling lounge pants coming for the holiday season!

I have known Brooke for over five years, and she is always as sweet and kind as she appears in photos. She is the rep for Brackish bow ties, the feathered bow ties that we cannot keep in stock! They have become so busy that there is now no new stock online, so we are ordering a new set of bow ties about every six weeks. If you haven’t gone to an event in a tuxedo with one of their feathered bow ties, then this is the year to do so!

Ken’s Has Gone Public!

This probably got your attention! We had a terrific month with our loyalty sale, but this past Thursday we opened it to the public. We could tell on Saturday that the word was out! If you have been out of town, or just busy, there is still time to grab some of your favorite brands and items while they are on markdown.

Your haberdashers have even thrown in something extra for our loyal customers, but you have to drop by to see the gift!

On the Social Front…

Have you checked out our social channels recently? We’re having a lot of fun sharing stories, clothing, and educational tips to keep you looking sharp.

For example, check out this video on the folding styles of pocket squares vs pocket circles. There are more where these came from – follow us and stay tuned for part two!

This video shows our newest arrival to the shop – Georg Roth Supima Peruvian cotton polos. The enzymed wash effect shows off each color’s subtle highs and lows, and these polos pair perfectly with 5-pocket trousers, denim, or shorts. The super lightweight material is ideal for untucking your polo in this heat! We currently carry these polos in four different colors.

Thanks for reading!

– Kory Helfman and the Ken’s Team