October Haberdashery News

Denim Jackets are back!

Ken’s teamed up with Good Man Brand to bring in our favorite jacket of the season!

A simple 4-way stretch denim and microfiber jacket in a contemporary fit. This is the perfect item to pair with:

  • BRAX trousers and 5-pocket pants
  • Meyer stretch cotton khakis
  • Meyer patterned cotton trousers
  • SMN denim

Complete the outfit with a  tee, v-neck, polo, or patterned shirt. The denim jacket will look great layered with a cardigan, sweater vest, or quarter zip! Quite frankly, this is one of our most versatile pieces of the season.

Our favorite part: the hidden side-seam hand pockets!

Call to reserve yours, as we will have limited quantities through the season!

Mentally Healthy AF

I went on a quick “refresher” trip two weeks ago. In reality this was a mental health break that was long overdue. I drove down to Leander, where my brother Andy lives, to sit on his acreage overlooking the hills and Lake Travis.

This is my Zen spot.

Andy suggested we drive over to Marble Falls to check out the shops (he knows I love supporting any small business!), plus grab some of the world-famous Blue Bonnet Cafe pie. We did look around all the open shops that Sunday, but nothing was calling my name. On the walk out of downtown, however, I noticed some tents along the river.

When I shop at small businesses I love to chat with the owners about traffic, sales, business, hardships, and best sellers. Plus I usually purchase! I also keep myself open to the possibility that the universe is attempting to show me something that I am missing.

That Sunday I found precisely what I was looking for not only in terms of mental health, but also in a small business connection. Exactly one booth called to me: Activated Faith. The presentation alone was appealing, but I could also see it was a family working together as a team to create and sell beautiful organic soy candles. I met Shannon, along with her youngest daughter, her niece, and her friend. Together they were showing and telling the story of the candles. Shannon is also an author and therapist-turned-coach, assisting others in nurturing a mind-body connection. I had found my person to chat with, and I listened to her story of Activated Faith. The company motto, “Live your Intention”, is something I am always striving for, and this was a fitting manifestation of that.

I purchased the Sea Salt & Orchid candle, and also chose an “intention card”. That day, I felt “Loved AF”.

To take the connection one step further, Ken’s is launching the Activated Faith brand here in Dallas. We are starting with the Bad Boy candle, but our intention is to bring many other varieties here as well for our clientele to enjoy.

These candles will make wonderful, thoughtful, conversational gifts throughout the holiday season and year-round. There is also a crystal within each candle that is enhanced as the candle burns. It is worth the patience.

Ken’s is Happy AF.

We have your VOTE.

The most important decision and right we have as Americans is to VOTE. We have both parties represented in an easy-to-wear mid-calf sock by Edward Armah. The only choice is to vote.

Ken’s Calendar of Events

This season our monthly trunk shows will look and feel different. To keep the clientele and staff as safe as possible, instead of having one-day events we are extending each of the trunk shows to a minimum of three days.

The reps will be in-store the first day only, and will have their laptops with them to engage in online discussion and presentation of their brands’ products. We will be sending out Zoom ID numbers for those who wish to participate online only. Just because you stay at home doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Any in-store offer is good online as well.

We have limited the number of reps and  brands during each event to keep the store as safe as possible. If you have any questions about the brands or the times, please reach out to kory@kensmansshop.com.

October 15th – 17th: Ken’s Private Label Custom Clothing Event

  • Coppley Clothing
  • Ken’s Private Label
  • Embark Program
  • Ken’s Custom Dress Shirts
  • October 29th: Partners Card Pre-Bash
  • All-day Event from 11am – 7pm
  • Card Sales to Benefit The Family Place
  • 20% off Any Inventoried Items
  • October 30th – November 8th: Partners Card Event

•Ken’s will be selling cards here at the store to benefit The Family Place

•We will be open from 12 – 4pm on both Sundays, November 1st and 8th

Ken’s Fall Gift Cards are coming!

Keep an eye out for your Ken’s Fall Gift Cards. They should be landing at your home late this week!

If you do not receive your card at the house, do not fret — we will have some extras here at the shop for you.

Your Ken’s haberdashers are looking forward to an amazing Fall 2020 season!

Stay safe, healthy, stylish, and sane.

Kory Helfman
Dallas Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop