From the desk of Kory Helfman

Every year we reflect on the joys, successes, events, and people that have made this year stand out above and beyond others. This has been a year of revival in the center, wonderful happenings within the shop, and a renewal of commitment to our roots.

50+ Yrs An Entrepreneur: Business Lessons From My Dad

In 1964 a young entrepreneur started a high-end men’s clothing store in Garland, Texas (a Dallas suburb). 52 years later, the business is having another strong year.

The Big Benefits of Small Business Saturday

There’s no denying that small businesses are essential for healthy local economies. But with the holidays around the corner, so are hundreds of large corporate marketing campaigns.

A Gentlemen’s Guide To Facial Hair

I am pleased and honored to be a part of the effort to “change the face of men’s health” during Movember (moustache November) at Ken’s Man’s Shop. This annual charity event, along with the wily whiskers of these bygone gentlemen, provided me an intriguing subject matter.

American Strong: New Brands at Ken's

Ken’s has a rich history of finding talent in American men’s fashion. Our belief is that young, talented designers need a plateau on which to rise, show their creative abilities, and gain experience before hitting the world. We have been blessed to see many through the years.

Haberdashery News | September 2016

Ken's Haberdashery News for September 2016! In this issue we welcome Adam, our newest haberdasher; explore connecting via social media; tackle the The 9 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Ken's Custom Clothing; and more!

Next of Ken, Father’s Day

Ken’s Man’s Shop is celebrating in multiple ways starting this Father’s Day. Both my father, Ken, and I relish the opportunity to speak with the generations when they join us in the shop. It can be a father / son, grandfather / grandson, or mixes of these.

Noah Waxman moves a step beyond the typical

While strolling the streets of Amsterdam, Noah Waxman noticed a collection of unusual shoes in the window of an unassuming Dutch home. They were so beautiful, different and clearly handmade, that Noah found himself ringing the doorbell to learn anything and everything he could about these shoes.

Bringing Our Ken’s Men Some Luck

Ken’s Man’s Shop just launched the latest in men’s footwear. At Kens, we have over 50 years of experience in the men’s fashion industry and are experts in bringing talented designers to the retail market.

Spring Forward

It is this at time every year that the seasons begin their wonderful metamorphosis into elegance, balance, and color. Spring washes away the color of our winter season: the dark shades of browns, maroons (both of next fall’s hottest trend colors for men), charcoals, and black.